The Merry Wives of Windsor

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Page, Shallow, Slender.Enter Page, Shallow, and Slender MW V.ii.1.1
Page. PAGE 
Come, come: wee'll couch i'th Castle-ditch, till we Come, come. We'll couch i'th' Castle ditch till wecouch (v.)
conceal, hide, lie hidden
MW V.ii.1
see the light of our Fairies. Remember son Slender, mysee the light of our fairies. Remember, son Slender, my MW V.ii.2
daughter. MW V.ii.3
I forsooth, I haue spoke with her, & we haueAy, forsooth. I have spoke with her, and we haveforsooth (adv.)
in truth, certainly, truly, indeed
MW V.ii.4
a nay-word, how to know one another. I come to her ina nay-word how to know one another. I come to her innayword, nay-word (n.)
password, watchword
MW V.ii.5
white, and cry Mum; she cries Budget, and by thatwhite, and cry ‘ mum ’; she cries ‘ budget ’; and by that MW V.ii.6
we know one another.we know one another. MW V.ii.7
That's good too: But what needes either yourThat's good too. But what needs either your MW V.ii.8
Mum, or her Budget? The white will decipher her‘ mum ’ or her ‘ budget ’? The white will decipher herdecipher (v.)
make known to, indicate to
MW V.ii.9
well enough. It hath strooke ten a'clocke.well enough. It hath struck ten o'clock. MW V.ii.10
Page. PAGE 
The night is darke, Light and Spirits will become itThe night is dark. Light and spirits will become itbecome (v.)
be fitting, befit, be appropriate to
MW V.ii.11
wel: Heauen prosper our sport. No man means euill butwell. Heaven prosper our sport! No man means evil butprosper (v.)
make prosperous, give success to
MW V.ii.12
sport (n.)
recreation, amusement, entertainment
the deuill, and we shal know him by his hornes. Letsthe devil, and we shall know him by his horns. Let's MW V.ii.13
away: follow me. away. Follow me. MW V.ii.14
Exeunt.Exeunt MW V.ii.14
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