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jackanapes, jackanape, jack'nape (n.)  upstart, buffoon, monkey
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AW III.v.84 [Diana to Helena, of Parolles] That jackanapes with scarfs
Cym II.i.3 [Cloten to Lords] a whoreson jackanapes must take me up for swearing
H5 V.ii.141 [King Henry to Katherine] I could ... sit like a jackanapes
MW I.iv.105 [Caius to Simple] You, jack'nape, give-a this letter to Sir Hugh
MW I.iv.107 [Caius to Simple] I will teach a scurvy jackanape priest to meddle or make
MW II.iii.76 [Caius to Host, of Evans] me vill kill de priest, for he speak for a jackanape to Anne Page
MW IV.iv.66 [Evans to all] I will be like a jackanapes