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jar (n.) 1conflict, quarrel, dissension
jar (n.) 2discord, disharmony, disagreement
jar (n.) 3tick
jar (v.) 1quarrel, wrangle, disagree [over]
jar (v.) 2grate, sound discordantly
jar (v.) 3[unclear meaning] make tick; strike; make discordant
jar / jars, at  in / into conflict, in / into a state of dissension
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2H6 II.i.55 [King to all, of the argument between Gloucester and Cardinal] When such strings jar, what hope of harmony?
TG IV.ii.65 [disguised Julia to Host, of the music] it jars so
TS III.i.38 [Bianca to Hortensio as Licio] O fie! The treble jars