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jocund (adj.)  merry, joyful, cheerful
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Ham I.ii.125 [Claudius to his court] No jocund health that Denmark drinks today
Mac III.ii.40 [Macbeth to Lady Macbeth] be thou jocund
R3 III.ii.83 [Derby to Hastings] The lords at Pomfret ... / Were jocund
R3 V.iii.233 [Richmond to Lords] my heart is very jocund
RJ III.v.9 [Romeo to Juliet] jocund day / Stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops
Tem III.ii.118 [Caliban to all] Let us be jocund!
TN V.i.130 [Viola as Cesario to Orsino] I, most jocund, apt, and willingly / To do you rest, a thousand deaths would die