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jump (adv.)  exactly, precisely
jump (n.)  venture, risk, hazard
jump (v.) 1agree, coincide, tally
jump (v.) 2risk, hazard, imperil
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Ham I.i.65 [Marcellus to Horatio, of his ghostly vision] jump at this dead hour [F iust];
Ham V.ii.369 [Horatio to Ambassadors and Fortinbras] so jump upon this bloody question
Oth II.iii.375 [Iago alone, of Othello] I'll ... bring him jump when he may Cassio find / Soliciting his wife
TNK I.ii.40 [Arcite to Palamon, of living in Thebes] where not to be even jump / As they are, here were to be strangers [i.e. as other Thebans are]