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just (adj.) 1accurate, exact, precise
just (adj.) 2proper, true
just (adj.) 3justifiable, legitimate
just (adj.) 4equal, even
just (adj.) 5honourable, loyal, faithful
just (adj.) 6truthful, honest
just (adv.) 1exactly, precisely
just (adv.) 2quite so, correct
just (n.)  joust, tournament
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AYL III.ii.257 [Orlando replying to Jaques' question] Yes, just
JC I.ii.54 [Cassius to Brutus, of his remark] 'Tis just
MA II.i.24 [Beatrice to Leonato, responding to 'God will send you no horns'] Just, if he send me no husband
MM V.i.200 [Mariana to Duke, responding to 'You say your husband?'] Why, just, my lord, and that is Angelo
Tit IV.ii.24 [Aaron to Chiron, of identifying Titus' verse] Ay, just - a verse in Horace, right you have it