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just (adj.) 1accurate, exact, precise
just (adj.) 2proper, true
just (adj.) 3justifiable, legitimate
just (adj.) 4equal, even
just (adj.) 5honourable, loyal, faithful
just (adj.) 6truthful, honest
just (adv.) 1exactly, precisely
just (adv.) 2quite so, correct
just (n.)  joust, tournament
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2H4 III.ii.80 [Shallow to Bardolph, of the account of 'accommodated'] It is very just
2H4 IV.i.23 [Mowbray to Archbishop, of the King's forces] The just proportion that we gave them out
H5 IV.vii.114 [King Henry to heralds] Bring me just notice of the numbers dead
KL III.i.37 [disguised Kent to Gentleman] you shall find / Some that will thank you making just report
MA II.i.333 [Leonato to Claudio, of his marriage] Not till Monday ... which is hence a just seven-night
Mac V.iv.14 [Macduff to all] Let our just censures / Attend the true event
MV IV.i.324 [Portia as Balthasar to Shylock] If thou tak'st more / Or less than a just pound
Oth I.iii.5 [Second Senator to Duke, of the reports] though they jump not on a just accompt ... yet do they all confirm / A Turkish fleet