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keep (v.) 1lodge, live, dwell
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Ham II.i.8 [Polonius to Reynaldo, of the Danes in Paris] where they keep
1H4 I.iii.241 [Hotspur to Northumberland and Worcester, of Berkeley Castle] where the madcap Duke his uncle kept
1H6 III.i.47 [Gloucester to Winchester] as an outlaw in a castle keeps
2H6 III.i.335 [York alone] Let pale-faced fear keep with the mean-born man
3H6 IV.iii.14 [Third Watchman to all, of Edward] he himself keeps in the cold field
LLL IV.i.99 [Boyet to Princess] This Armado is a Spaniard that keeps here in court
MM III.i.10 [disguised Duke to Claudio] this habitation where thou keep'st
MM V.i.16 [Duke to Angelo] outward courtesies would fain proclaim / Favours that keep within
MV III.iii.19 [Solanio to Antonio, of Shylock] It is the most impenetrable cur / That ever kept with men
Per II.i.131 [Pericles to Fisherman, of his armour] It kept where I kept
TC II.i.117 [Thersites to all] I will keep where there is wit stirring
TC IV.v.278 [Troilus to Ulysses] In what place of the field doth Calchas keep?
TG V.iv.153 [Valentine to Duke, of the Outlaws] These banished men, that I have kept withal
Ven 687 [Venus to Adonis, of the hunted hare] Sometime he runs ... where earth-delving conies keep
WT III.iii.12 [Mariner to Antigonus] this place is famous for the creatures / Of prey that keep upon't