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keep (n.)  keeping, custody, care
keep (v.) 2stay within, remain inside
keep (v.) 3guard, watch, tend
keep (v.) 4keep up, maintain, carry on
keep (v.) 5look after, watch over, maintain
keep (v.) 6continue, carry on, remain
keep (v.) 7stay on, remain on
keep (v.) 8detain, hold in custody, be guarded
keep (v.) 9protect, defend, preserve
keep (v.) 10look to, attend to, follow
keep (v.) 11restrain, control, discipline
keep (v.) 12celebrate, solemnize
keep back (v.)  prevent, restrain, forcibly hold back
keep below stairs  remain a servant
keep down (v.)  prevent from growing, keep small
keep fair quarter with  play fair over, behave honourably over, have a proper regard to
keep on (v.)  go ahead, go on, carry on
keep touch (v.)  keep [one's] promise, prove reliable
keep your way  keep going, don't stop
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CE III.i.61 [Adriana to all] Who is that at the door that keeps all this noise?
H5 I.ii.274 [King Henry to Ambassador] tell the Dauphin I will keep my state
H8 I.iii.10 [Lord Chamberlain to Sands, of the effect of France upon the English] they keep state so
JC I.ii.159 [Cassius to Brutus, of Junius Brutus] would have brooked / Th'eternal devil to keep his state in Rome
MM I.iii.10 [Duke to Friar Thomas] assemblies / Where youth and cost a witless bravery keeps
RJ II.iii.31 [Friar to Romeo] Care keeps his watch in every old man's eye
RJ V.iii.16 [Paris as if to Juliet] The obsequies that I for thee will keep / Nightly shall be to strew thy grave and weep