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kind (adj.) 1showing natural feeling, acting by nature
kind (adj.) 2loving, affectionate, fond
kind (adj.) 3friendly, agreeable, pleasant
kind (adj.) 4gracious, full of courtesy
kind (adj.) 5generous, liberal, benevolent
kind (adj.) 6happy, good, favourable
kind (adv.)  kindly, lovingly, with affection
kind (n.) 1nature, reality, character, disposition
kind (n.) 2manner, way, state
kind (n.) 3role, part
kind (n.) 4mode of action, business, matter
kind (n.) 5breed, lineage, stock, family
kind (n.) 6nature, close natural relationship
kind (n.) 7respect, regard, particular
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MV II.v.44 [Shylock to Jessica, of Launcelot] The patch is kind enough, but a huge feeder
Tem I.ii.309 [Prospero to Miranda, of Caliban] who never / Yields us kind answer
Tim II.ii.222 [Timon to Flavius, of the Senators] 'Tis lack of kindly warmth they are not kind [also: sense 1]
TNK I.iv.38 [Theseus to all, of Palamon and Arcite] Bear 'em speedily / From our kind air, to them unkind [i.e. because fresh air was thought to harm open wounds]