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kind (adj.) 1showing natural feeling, acting by nature
kind (adj.) 2loving, affectionate, fond
kind (adj.) 3friendly, agreeable, pleasant
kind (adj.) 4gracious, full of courtesy
kind (adj.) 5generous, liberal, benevolent
kind (adj.) 6happy, good, favourable
kind (adv.)  kindly, lovingly, with affection
kind (n.) 1nature, reality, character, disposition
kind (n.) 2manner, way, state
kind (n.) 3role, part
kind (n.) 4mode of action, business, matter
kind (n.) 5breed, lineage, stock, family
kind (n.) 6nature, close natural relationship
kind (n.) 7respect, regard, particular
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Ham IV.v.148 [Laertes to Claudius, of Polonius' friends] like the kind life-rendering pelican / Repast them with my blood
H5 II.Chorus.19 [Chorus as if to England] Were all thy children kind and natural [also: sense 2]
2H6 I.i.18 [King to Queen] I can express no kinder sign of love / Than this kind kiss [first instance]
Luc 1423 [of a painting of Troy] much imaginary work was there; / Conceit deceitful, so compact, so kind
MA I.i.25 [Leonato to Messenger] A kind overflow of kindness
MV I.iii.139 [Shylock to Antonio] This is kind I offer [also: sense 5]
Sonn 143.12 []And play the mother's part, kiss me, be kind