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kind (adj.) 1showing natural feeling, acting by nature
kind (adj.) 2loving, affectionate, fond
kind (adj.) 3friendly, agreeable, pleasant
kind (adj.) 4gracious, full of courtesy
kind (adj.) 5generous, liberal, benevolent
kind (adj.) 6happy, good, favourable
kind (adv.)  kindly, lovingly, with affection
kind (n.) 1nature, reality, character, disposition
kind (n.) 2manner, way, state
kind (n.) 3role, part
kind (n.) 4mode of action, business, matter
kind (n.) 5breed, lineage, stock, family
kind (n.) 6nature, close natural relationship
kind (n.) 7respect, regard, particular
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AW I.iii.174 [Countess to Helena, of Helena's eyes displaying her love of Bertram] in their kind they speak it
1H4 I.iii.119 [King Henry to Hotspur] you shall hear in such a kind from me / As will displease you
H8 II.iii.66 [Anne to Lord Chamberlain] I do not know / What kind of my obedience I should tender
KL [Lear to an imaginary beadle and whore] Thou hotly lusts to use her in that kind / For which thou whipp'st her
MA II.i.59 [Leonato to Hero, of marriage] If the Prince do solicit you in that kind
MA IV.i.195 [Leonato to Benedick, of those harming Hero] they shall find, awaked in such a kind, / Both strength of limb and policy of mind
MM III.ii.185 [Escalus to Mistress Overdone] Double and treble admonition, and still forfeit in the same kind?
R2 II.iii.142 [York to all, of Bolingbroke] But in this kind to come, in braving arms
Sonn 95.7 [] That tongue ... / Cannot dispraise, but in a kind of praise ... blesses an ill report
TC II.iii.127 [Agamemnon to Patroclus, of Achilles] [we] underwrite in an observing kind / His humorous predominance