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kindly (adj.) 1natural, proper
kindly (adj.) 2friendly, good-natured, well-disposed
kindly (adj.) 3fitting, suitable
kindly (adv.) 1in accordance with human nature, expressing normal humanity
kindly (adv.) 2with natural affection, with compassion
kindly (adv.) 3lovingly, gently, affectionately
kindly (adv.) 4naturally, spontaneously, convincingly
kindly, and  by all means, in any case
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2H4 IV.v.84 [Warwick to King Henry IV, of Prince Henry] I found the Prince in the next room, / Washing with kindly tears his gentle cheeks
MA IV.i.72 [Claudio to Leonato, of Hero] by that fatherly and kindly power / That you have in her