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kindly (adj.) 1natural, proper
kindly (adj.) 2friendly, good-natured, well-disposed
kindly (adj.) 3fitting, suitable
kindly (adv.) 1in accordance with human nature, expressing normal humanity
kindly (adv.) 2with natural affection, with compassion
kindly (adv.) 3lovingly, gently, affectionately
kindly (adv.) 4naturally, spontaneously, convincingly
kindly, and  by all means, in any case
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1H6 II.v.40 [Mortimer to Gaolers, of Richard] tell me when my lips do touch his cheeks, / That I may kindly give one fainting kiss
TC IV.iv.59 [Troilus to Cressida] we must use expostulation kindly
TNK II.v.29 [Gaoler's Daughter alone, of Palamon] Let him do / What he will with me, so he use me kindly [or: as man to woman]