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knack (n.)  trifle, knick-knack, ornament
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MND I.i.34 [Egeus to Lysander, of Hermia] With ... / Knacks, trifles ... hast thou filched my daughter's heart
TNK III.i.7 [Arcite alone] sweeter / Than ... / Th'enamelled knacks o'th' mead or garden [i.e. the decorative flowers]
TS IV.iii.67 [Petruchio to Haberdasher, of a cap] A knack, a toy, a trick, a baby's cap
WT IV.iv.346 [disguised Polixenes to Florizel] I was wont / To load my she with knacks
WT IV.iv.425 [Polixenes to Florizel, of Perdita] thou no more shalt see this knack