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knit (n.)  style, pattern, type
knit (v.) 1unite, join, make one
knit (v.) 2relate, join in blood
knit, knit up (v.) 1tie, fasten [by means of a knot]
knit, knit up (v.) 2entangle, tie up, catch up
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KJ IV.i.42 [Arthur to Hubert] When your head did but ache, / I knit my handkercher about your brows
MW III.ii.68 [Page to Host, of Fenton as a suitor for Anne] he shall not knit a knot in his fortunes with the finger of my substance [i.e. make his fortunes secure]
TG II.vii.45 [Julia to Lucetta, of her hair] I'll knit it up in silken strings / With twenty odd-conceited true-love knots
Tit II.iv.10 [Demetrius to Lavinia, of a rope to hang herself] If thou hadst hands to help thee knit the cord