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quality (n.) 1nature, disposition, character
quality (n.) 2accomplishment, capacity, ability
quality (n.) 3rank, standing, position
quality (n.) 4profession, occupation, business
quality (n.) 5characteristic, feature, property
quality (n.) 6importance, special significance
quality (n.) 7occasion, cause
quality (n.) 8companions, associates, fraternity
quality (n.) 9party, company, side
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Ham II.ii.345 [Hamlet to Rosencrantz, of the child players] Will they pursue the quality no longer than they can sing? [i.e. the profession of acting until their voices break]
Ham II.ii.430 [Hamlet to Players] give us a taste of your quality
H5 [King Henry to Montjoy] What is thy name? I know thy quality
MM II.i.57 [Angelo to Elbow, of Pompey and Froth] What quality are they of?