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quality (n.) 1nature, disposition, character
quality (n.) 2accomplishment, capacity, ability
quality (n.) 3rank, standing, position
quality (n.) 4profession, occupation, business
quality (n.) 5characteristic, feature, property
quality (n.) 6importance, special significance
quality (n.) 7occasion, cause
quality (n.) 8companions, associates, fraternity
quality (n.) 9party, company, side
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AC I.i.54 [Antony to Cleopatra] Tonight we'll wander through the streets and note / The qualities of people
AC I.ii.192 [Antony to Enobarbus, of Pompey] whose quality, going on, / The sides o'th' world may danger [or: sense 2]
2H4 V.ii.34 [Clarence to Lord Chief Justice] you must now speak Sir John Falstaff fair, / Which swims against your stream of quality [also: profession]
H8 I.ii.84 [Wolsey to King Henry] what worst, as oft / Hitting a grosser quality, is cried up / For our best act [or: level of achievement]
JC I.iii.64 [Cassius to Casca] Why birds and beasts from quality and kind ... change from their ordinance
JC I.iii.68 [Cassius to Casca, of weird happenings] Why all these things change from their ordinance ... / To monstrous quality
KL I.ii.12 [Edmund alone] Who ... take / More composition and fierce quality [i.e. has a more active disposition]
KL I.ii.34 [Gloucester to Edmund, of Edmund's hiding his letter] The quality of nothing hath not such need to hide itself
KL II.iv.88 [Gloucester to Lear, of Cornwall] You know the fiery quality of the Duke
KL II.iv.132 [Lear to Regan, of Gonerill] how depraved a quality
Luc 875 [Lucrece to herself] We have no good that we can say is ours / But ill-annexed Opportunity / Or kills his life or else his quality
Luc 1702 [Lucrece to all] What is the quality of my offence
MV III.ii.6 [Portia to Bassanio] you ... / Hate counsels not in such a quality
MV IV.i.181 [Portia as Balthasar to Shylock] The quality of mercy is not strained
MW II.ii.208 [Falstaff to Ford as Brook, of Mistress Ford] Of what quality was your love, then?
Oth I.iii.248 [Desdemona to Duke, of Othello] My heart's subdued / Even to the very quality of my lord [F; Q1 pleasure]
Tim I.i.56 [Poet to Painter] As well of glib and slipp'ry creatures as / Of grave and austere quality, tender down / Their services to Lord Timon
Tim IV.iii.157 [Timon to all] Hoar the flamen, / That scolds against the quality of flesh [i.e. the natural desires of the flesh]
TN III.i.61 [Viola alone, of Feste] He must observe ... / The quality of persons
TN III.iii.32 [Antonio to Sebastian] the quality of the time and quarrel / Might well have given us bloody argument
TNK V.iii.48 [Emilia to herself, of Palamon] his brow ... alters to / The quality of his thoughts [i.e. according to the mood he is in]