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quality (n.) 1nature, disposition, character
quality (n.) 2accomplishment, capacity, ability
quality (n.) 3rank, standing, position
quality (n.) 4profession, occupation, business
quality (n.) 5characteristic, feature, property
quality (n.) 6importance, special significance
quality (n.) 7occasion, cause
quality (n.) 8companions, associates, fraternity
quality (n.) 9party, company, side
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AW I.i.41 [Countess to Lafew] where an unclean mind carries virtuous qualities
AYL I.i.65 [Orlando to Oliver] hiding from me all gentleman-like qualities
Cym III.v.138 [Cloten alone] the adornment of my qualities
KL I.i.5 [Gloucester to Kent, of Albany and Cornwall] qualities are so weighed [F; Q equalities]
MW V.v.40 [Mistress Quickly as Queen of Fairies to all] Attend your office and your quality
Per IV.ii.43 [Bawd to Boult, of Marina] has she any qualities?
TC IV.iv.75 [Troilus to Cressida] The Grecian youths are full of quality
TG III.i.65 [Valentine to Duke, of Thurio] the gentleman / Is full of ... qualities / Beseeming such a wife as your fair daughter
TG III.i.269 [Launce alone, of his love] She hath more qualities than a water-spaniel
Tim I.i.129 [Old Athenian to Timon, of the former's daughter] I have bred her at my dearest cost / In qualities of the best
TNK II.iv.10 [Arcite to Theseus, of his own abilities] A little of all noble qualities