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quarrel (n.)  cause of complaint, reason for hostility, difference, claim
quarrel (v.)  quibble, dispute, equivocate
quarrel at (v.)  object to; or: start quarrelling at
quarrel with (v.)  object to, take exception to, refuse to practise
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E3 III.iii.105 [Prince Edward to King John] our pretended quarrel is truly just
Ham IV.iv.55 [Hamlet alone] to find quarrel in a straw
2H4 IV.i.94 [Archbishop to Westmorland] My brother general, the commonwealth, / I make my quarrel in particular
2H4 IV.v.169 [Prince Henry to King Henry IV, of the crown] an enemy / That had before my face murdered my father, / The quarrel of a true inheritor
2H6 II.iii.53 [Queen to King, of the fight] purposely ... / Left I the court to see this quarrel tried
2H6 III.ii.233 [King to all] Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just
3H6 III.ii.6 [Edward to all] in quarrel of the house of York
H8 II.iii.14 [Anne to Old Lady, of pomp] if that quarrel, Fortune, do divorce / It from the bearer, 'tis a sufferance panging / As soul and body's severing [debated reading]
JC II.i.28 [Brutus alone, of Caesar] the quarrel / Will bear no colour for the thing he is [i.e. there is no good ground for making such a claim in his present condition]
Mac IV.iii.137 [Malcolm to Macduff] the chance of goodness / Be like our warranted quarrel!
R2 I.ii.6 [John of Gaunt to Duchess of Gloucester] Put we our quarrel to the will of heaven
R2 I.iii.13 [Lord Marshal to Mowbray] say who thou art ... and what thy quarrel
R2 I.iii.33 [Lord Marshal to Bolingbroke] what's thy quarrel?
R3 I.iv.207 [Second Murderer to Clarence] Thou didst receive the sacrament to fight / In quarrel of the house of Lancaster
R3 I.iv.220 [Clarence to Murderers, of God] Take not the quarrel from His powerful arm
Tit III.i.4 [Titus to Tribunes and Senators] all my blood in Rome's great quarrel shed