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question (n.) 1argument, contention, dispute
question (n.) 2point at issue, problem, business
question (n.) 3consideration, contention
question (n.) 4debating, discussion, investigation
question (n.) 5questioning, interrogation, examination
question (n.) 6conversation, discourse, piece of talk
question (n.) 7source [of strife], cause, issue
question (n.) 8fighting, conflict, altercation
question (v.) 1dispute, quarrel [over], call in question
question (v.) 2converse with, talk away [at / with]
question (v.) 3enquire about, discuss, deliberate
question (v.) 4discuss the matter, talk things over
question, call in  discuss, deliberate upon
question, in  on trial, under examination
question, in contempt of  without the shadow of a doubt
question, out of  undoubtedly, beyond question, certainly
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Ham II.ii.339 [Rosencrantz to Hamlet, of the child players] that cry out on the top of question [possibly, 'with maximum noise']
Ham II.ii.355 [Rosencrantz to Hamlet] the poet and the player went to cuffs in the question
Ham V.ii.369 [Horatio to Ambassadors and Fortinbras] so jump upon this bloody question
KL I.iii.14 [Gonerill to Oswald, of serving Lear negligently] I'd have it come to question
MM II.iv.90 [Angelo to Isabella, of any other way of saving Claudio's life] I subscribe not that, nor any other, / But in the loss of question [i.e. in the absence of further argument; or: for the sake of argument]
MV IV.i.169 [Duke to Portia as Balthasar] Are you acquainted with the difference / That holds this present question in the court?
TNK III.i.55 [Arcite to Palamon] Your question's with your equal
TNK III.i.113 [Arcite to Palamon] I am persuaded this question ... / By bleeding must be cured
TNK [Theseus to Emilia, of Palamon and Arcite] They'd fight about you, hourly bring your honour / In public question with their swords
TNK V.i.127 [Palamon praying to Venus] Give me the victory of this question
TNK V.iii.17 [Theseus to Emilia] You are ... the prize and garland / To crown the question's title [i.e. the right to Emilia which is the subject of dispute]