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quick (adj.) 1living, vital, full of life
quick (adj.) 2lively, animated, vivacious
quick (adj.) 3quick-witted, inventive, lively
quick (adj.) 4sharp, keen, alert
quick (adj.) 5vigorous, quick-acting, energetic
quick (adj.) 6alive to possibilities, lively, impatient
quick (adj.) 7fresh, invigorating, sharp
quick (adj.) 8running, flowing, gushing
quick (adj.) 9hasty, hurried
quick (adj.) 10pregnant, with child
quick (adv.)  alive
quick (n.) 1sensitive parts [of the body], tender flesh
quick (n.) 2living, those alive
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TG IV.ii.61 [Host to disguised Julia] You have a quick ear
TN I.i.9 [Orsino as if to love] how quick and fresh art thou
TS IV.ii.11 [Hortensio as Licio to Tranio as Lucentio, of Lucentio as Cambio courting Bianca] Quick proceeders
WT IV.iv.667 [Autolycus alone] a quick eye ... is necessary for a cutpurse