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quit (adj.) 1away from, out of
quit (adj.) 2freed [from], relieved [of]
quit (v.) 1rid, free, relieve
quit (v.) 2remit, release from
quit (v.) 3acquit, absolve, clear
quit (v.) 4release from service, let go
quit (v.) 5pay back, repay, reward
quit (v.) 6avenge, requite, take vengeance [on]
quit (v.) 7draw level, be quits
quit (v.) 8make compensation for, requite
quit (v.) 9answer, respond to, requite
quit (v.) 10acquit, do one's part, bear [oneself]
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AC III.xiii.124 [Antony to Cleopatra, of Thidias] a fellow that will take rewards / And say 'God quit you!'
Cor IV.v.86 [Coriolanus to Aufidius] To be full quit of those my banishers [i.e. fully settle accounts with]
Ham V.ii.68 [Hamlet to Horatio, of Claudius] is't not perfect conscience / To quit him with this arm?
MM V.i.493 [Duke to Angelo] your evil quits you well
R3 V.iii.263 [Richmond to his soldiers] If you do free your children from the sword, / Your children's children quits it in your age
RJ II.iv.188 [Romeo to Nurse] Be trusty, and I'll quit thy pains
TNK [Palamon to Arcite] Then I shall quit you