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quit (adj.) 1away from, out of
quit (adj.) 2freed [from], relieved [of]
quit (v.) 1rid, free, relieve
quit (v.) 2remit, release from
quit (v.) 3acquit, absolve, clear
quit (v.) 4release from service, let go
quit (v.) 5pay back, repay, reward
quit (v.) 6avenge, requite, take vengeance [on]
quit (v.) 7draw level, be quits
quit (v.) 8make compensation for, requite
quit (v.) 9answer, respond to, requite
quit (v.) 10acquit, do one's part, bear [oneself]
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acquit (adj.)
H5 III.v.47 [French King to all] now quit you of great shames
2H6 III.ii.218 [Warwick to Suffolk, of killing Suffolk] Quitting thee thereby of ten thousand shames
3H6 III.iii.128 [Warwick to Lewis, of Edward's vexation] Unless the Lady Bona quit his pain [F; Q1 quite]
H8 V.i.70 [Suffolk to King Henry, of Queen Anne] God safely quit her of her burden
TNK III.i.72 [Palamon to Arcite, of his shackles] Quit me of these cold gyves