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quit (adj.) 1away from, out of
quit (adj.) 2freed [from], relieved [of]
quit (v.) 1rid, free, relieve
quit (v.) 2remit, release from
quit (v.) 3acquit, absolve, clear
quit (v.) 4release from service, let go
quit (v.) 5pay back, repay, reward
quit (v.) 6avenge, requite, take vengeance [on]
quit (v.) 7draw level, be quits
quit (v.) 8make compensation for, requite
quit (v.) 9answer, respond to, requite
quit (v.) 10acquit, do one's part, bear [oneself]
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AC III.xiii.151 [Antony to Thidias, of Caesar's treatment of Hipparchus] whom / He may at pleasure whip ... to quit me
KL III.vii.86 [Gloucester as if to Edmund] enkindle all the sparks of nature / To quit this horrid act
MA IV.i.198 [Leonato to Benedick, of those who have harmed Hero] Ability in means and choice of friends / To quit me of them throughly
MM V.i.408 [Duke to all] Like doth quit like
R3 IV.iv.20 [Queen Margaret to herself] Plantagenet doth quit Plantagenet
R3 IV.iv.64 [Queen Margaret to Duchess of York, of Prince Edward and Margaret's son] Thy other Edward [is] dead, to quit my Edward
Tit I.i.144 [Demetrius to Chiron and Tamora] Tamora [may] ... quit these bloody wrongs upon her foes
TS III.i.90 [Hortensio alone, as if to Bianca] If once I find thee ranging, / Hortensio will be quit with thee by changing