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quit (adj.) 1away from, out of
quit (adj.) 2freed [from], relieved [of]
quit (v.) 1rid, free, relieve
quit (v.) 2remit, release from
quit (v.) 3acquit, absolve, clear
quit (v.) 4release from service, let go
quit (v.) 5pay back, repay, reward
quit (v.) 6avenge, requite, take vengeance [on]
quit (v.) 7draw level, be quits
quit (v.) 8make compensation for, requite
quit (v.) 9answer, respond to, requite
quit (v.) 10acquit, do one's part, bear [oneself]
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CE I.i.23 [Duke to Egeon] Unless a thousand marks be levied / To quit the penalty
E3 IV.i.24 [Salisbury to Villiers] for a smaller charge / Thou mayst be quit
E3 IV.iii.5 [Villiers to Charles, of Salisbury's request] thereby my ransom will be quit
MM V.i.480 [Duke to Barnadine] for those earthly faults, I quit them all
MV IV.i.378 [Antonio to Duke, of Shylock] To quit the fine for one half of his goods, / I am content