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quondam (adj.)  former, erstwhile, previous
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H5 II.i.75 [Pistol to Nym] I have, and I will hold, the quondam Quickly
3H6 III.i.23 [First Keeper to Second Keeper, of the person overheard] This is the quondam king
3H6 III.iii.153 [Warwick to and of Queen] our quondam queen
LLL V.i.6 [Nathaniel to Holofernes] I did converse this quondam day with a companion of the King's
MA V.ii.32 [Benedick alone, of famous lovers] a whole bookful of these quondam carpet-mongers
TC IV.v.179 [Hector to Menelaus, of Helen] Your quondam wife swears still by Venus' glove