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quote (v.) 1closely observe, note, examine
quote (v.) 2note, jot, write
quote (v.) 3display, indicate, show
quote (v.) 4regard, consider, interpret
quote (v.) 5refer to, cite
quote for (v.)  regard as, consider to be, mention as
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Ham II.i.112 [Polonius to Ophelia] I am sorry that with better heed and judgement / I had not quoted him [F; Q2 coted]
KJ IV.ii.222 [King John to and of Hubert] A fellow by the hand of nature marked, / Quoted, and signed to do a deed of shame
Luc 812 [Lucrece to herself] the illiterate that know not how / To cipher what is writ in learned books / Will quote my loathsome trespass in my looks
RJ I.iv.31 [Mercutio to Romeo] What care I / What curious eye doth quote deformities?
TC IV.v.233 [Achilles to Hector] I have with exact view perused thee, Hector, / And quoted joint by joint
TG II.iv.18 [Thurio to Valentine] how quote you my folly?
Tit IV.i.50 [Marcus to Titus, of Lavinia] note how she quotes the leaves