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vail (n.) 1setting, going down
vail (n.) 2[textiles: remnant of cloth, leftover of material] tip, gratuity, perk
vail (v.) 1lower, bow down, cast down [as in submission]
vail (v.) 2let fall, yield, surrender
vail (v.) 3lower, direct downwards
vail (v.) 4do homage, pay respect, show devotion
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Cor III.i.98 [Coriolanus to Senators, of Sicinius] If he have power, / Then vail your ignorance [i.e. let your ignorant selves bow down before him]
E3 II.i.17 [Lodowick alone, of King Edward] If he did blush, 'twas red immodest shame, / To vail his eyes amiss [QQ waile]
E3 V.i.78 [Copland to King Edward, of his behaviour] Copland ... / Is come to France, and with a lowly mind / Doth vail the bonnet of his victory
2H4 I.i.129 [Morton to Northumberland] The bloody Douglas ... / Gan vail his stomach
1H6 V.iii.25 [Pucelle alone] Now the time is come / That France must vail her lofty-plumed crest
MV I.i.28 [Salerio to Antonio, of a ship] docked in sand, / Vailing her high-top lower than her ribs
Per II.iii.42 [Pericles to himself, of his father] None that beheld him but like lesser lights / Did vail their crowns to his supremacy
TS V.ii.175 [Katherina to Widow and Bianca] vail your stomachs
Ven 314 [of Adonis' horse] He vails his tail
Ven 956 [of Venus] She vailed her eyelids