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vain (adj.) 1foolish, silly, stupid
vain (adj.) 2worthless, idle, useless, empty
vain (n.)  deceptive, false, idle [in using words]
vain, for  in vain, to no purpose
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CE III.ii.188 [Antipholus of Syracuse alone] there's no man is so vain / That would refuse so fair an offered chain
1H4 III.ii.67 [King Henry to Prince Hal, of Richard II] gave his countenance against his name / To ... stand the push / Of every beardless vain comparative
2H4 V.v.46 [King Henry V to Lord Chief Justice, of Falstaff] speak to that vain man
KL IV.ii.61 [Gonerill to Albany] O vain fool!
LLL V.ii.756 [Berowne to ladies, of love] All wanton as a child, skipping and vain
Tem I.ii.174 [Prospero to Miranda, of other princesses] that have more time / For vainer hours
TG IV.iii.17 [Silvia to Eglamour] my father would enforce me marry / Vain Thurio