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vantage (n.) 1right moment, suitable opportunity
vantage (n.) 2advantageous position, place of vantage, superiority
vantage (n.) 3advantage, benefit, advancement, profit
vantage (n.) 4helpful position, beneficial location
vantage (v.)  benefit, aid, help
vantage, of / to the  in addition, as well, besides
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advantage (n.) 1
Cor II.iii.259 [Brutus to Sicinius, of Coriolanus] observe and answer / The vantage of his anger [i.e. take advantage of the opportunity provided by his anger]
Cor [Third Conspirator to Aufidius, of Coriolanus] at your vantage ... let him feel your sword [i.e. seizing your opportunity]
Cym I.iv.24 [Pisanio to Innogen, of when Posthumus will write] With his next vantage
Cym II.iii.44 [Queen to Cloten, of Cymbeline] Who lets go by no vantages that may / Prefer you to his daughter
E3 II.ii.65 [King Edward alone] my sighs / Shall serve me as the vantage of the wind
2H4 II.iii.68 [Northumberland to Lady Northumberland and Lady Percy, of staying in Scotland] Till time and vantage crave my company
3H6 I.iv.59 [Northumberland to Clifford] It is war's prize to take all vantages
3H6 III.ii.25 [Richard aside to George, of Edward and Lady Grey] he'll take vantages
KL II.ii.169 [disguised Kent alone] Take vantage, heavy eyes, not to behold / This shameful lodging
Luc 249 [of Tarquin's thoughts] Urging the worser sense for vantage still
Mac I.ii.31 [Captain to King] the Norweyan lord, surveying vantage ... / Began a fresh assault
MM [Friar Peter to Isabella and Mariana] you may have such vantage on the Duke / He shall not pass you
MV III.ii.174 [Portia to Bassanio, of her ring] Which when you ... give away, / Let it presage the ruin of your love / And be my vantage to exclaim on you
MW [Fenton to Host, of Caius and Anne] when the doctor spies his vantage ripe, / To pinch her by the hand
R3 III.vii.37 [Buckingham to Richard, of his supporters] I took the vantage of those few
Tim II.ii.134 [Timon to Flavius] Perchance some single vantages you took / When my indisposition put you back
TS III.ii.143 [Tranio to Lucentio, of winning Bianca] we mean to ... watch our vantage in this business