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vantage (n.) 1right moment, suitable opportunity
vantage (n.) 2advantageous position, place of vantage, superiority
vantage (n.) 3advantage, benefit, advancement, profit
vantage (n.) 4helpful position, beneficial location
vantage (v.)  benefit, aid, help
vantage, of / to the  in addition, as well, besides
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advantage (n.) 3
AC III.vii.33 [Canidius to Enobarbus, of Caesar] offers, / Which serve not for his vantage
Cor III.ii.31 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] I have ... a brain that leads my use of anger / To better vantage
Cym V.v.198 [Iachimo to Cymbeline] for my vantage, excellent
E3 II.i.326 [Warwick to King Edward] I would account that loss my vantage too
2H6 I.i.129 [York to all, of the contract between the King and Queen] our King Henry gives away his own, / To match with her that brings no vantages
KJ II.i.550 [King Philip to King John, of Constance's claim for Arthur] Which we, God knows, have turned another way, / To our own vantage
Mac I.iii.112 [Angus to Macbeth, of Cawdor] Whether he was combined / With those of Norway, or did line the rebel / With hidden help and vantage ... I know not
Mac [Banquo to King, of the martlet] no ... / Buttress, nor coign of vantage, but this bird / Hath made his pendent bed and procreant cradle
MM II.ii.74 [Isabella to Angelo] He that might the vantage best have took / Found out the remedy
MM V.i.410 [Duke to Angelo] thy faults thus manifested, / Which ... denies thee vantage
R2 I.iii.218 [John of Gaunt to King Richard, of Bolingbroke's reduced banishment] little vantage shall I reap thereby
R2 V.iii.131 [Duchess of York to King Henry] O, happy vantage of a kneeling knee!
R3 I.iii.309 [Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of Queen Margaret] you have all the vantage of her wrong
R3 V.ii.22 [Richmond to Blunt, of those deserting Richard] All for our vantage
Sonn 88.12 [] The injuries that to myself I do, / Doing thee vantage, double vantage me [first instance]
TG I.iii.82 [Proteus alone, of Antonio] with the vantage of mine own excuse / Hath he excepted most against my love