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vantage (n.) 1right moment, suitable opportunity
vantage (n.) 2advantageous position, place of vantage, superiority
vantage (n.) 3advantage, benefit, advancement, profit
vantage (n.) 4helpful position, beneficial location
vantage (v.)  benefit, aid, help
vantage, of / to the  in addition, as well, besides
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advantage (n.) 2
AC III.x.12 [Scarus to Enobarbus, of the fight] When vantage like a pair of twins appeared
Cor I.i.158 [Menenius to First Citizen] Thou rascal, that art worst in blood to run, / Lead'st first to win some vantage
Ham V.ii.384 [Fortinbras to Horatio] rights ... / Which now to claim my vantage doth invite me
2H4 II.iii.53 [Lady Percy to Northumberland, of the rebels] If they get ground and vantage of the King, / Then join you with them like a rib of steel
H5 [King Henry to Montjoy, of the sickness affecting the English] 'tis no wisdom to confess so much / Unto an enemy of craft and vantage
H5 IV.i.273 [King Henry alone, of a wretched slave] but for ceremony, such a wretch ... / Had the fore-hand and vantage of a king
1H6 IV.v.28 [John Talbot to Talbot] You fled for vantage, everyone will swear [i.e. to gain a military advantage]
MND I.i.102 [Lysander to Theseus] My fortunes [are] every way as fairly ranked - / If not with vantage - as Demetrius'
R3 V.iii.15 [King Richard to all] Let us survey the vantage of the ground [i.e. the positions likely to give superiority]
TC V.viii.9 [Hector to Achilles] I am unarmed; forgo this vantage
TG IV.i.28 [Valentine to Outlaws, of a man] I slew him manfully in fight, / Without false vantage [i.e. unfair advantage]
TNK III.i.122 [Palamon to Arcite] there you have / A vantage o'er me
Ven 635 [Venus to Adonis, of a boar] having thee at vantage [he] ... / Would root these beauties as he roots the mead