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vapour (n.) 1exhalation, steamy emission, mistiness
vapour (n.) 2mist, cloud, fog
vapour (n.) 3smoke
vapour (n.) 4hot steamy breath
vapour (n.) 5empty manifestation, worthless emanation
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Ham II.ii.303 [Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours
2H4 IV.iii.97 [Falstaff alone, of the effect of sherry on the brain] It ... dries me there all the foolish and dull and crudy vapours which environ it
1H6 II.ii.27 [Burgundy to all] as far as I could well discern / For smoke and dusky vapours of the night
Ven 1166 [of Venus and Adonis] the boy that by her side lay killed / Was melted like a vapour from her sight