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vapour (n.) 1exhalation, steamy emission, mistiness
vapour (n.) 2mist, cloud, fog
vapour (n.) 3smoke
vapour (n.) 4hot steamy breath
vapour (n.) 5empty manifestation, worthless emanation
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AC IV.xiv.3 [Antony to Eros] Sometime we see ... / A vapour sometime like a bear or lion
CE I.i.90 [Egeon to Duke] the sun ... / Dispersed those vapours that offended us
2H4 II.iv.359 [Prince Henry to Poins] the south / Borne with black vapour
Luc 550 [of a black cloud] some gentle gust doth ... blow these pitchy vapours from their biding
Luc 782 [Lucrece as if to night, of the sun] let thy musty vapours march so thick / That in their smoky ranks his smothered light / May set at noon
Ven 184 [of Adonis] His louring brows o'erwhelming his fair sight, / Like misty vapours when they blot the sky