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venge (v.)  avenge, revenge
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Cym I.vii.91 [Iachimo to Innogen] It is an office of the gods to venge it
H5 I.ii.293 [King Henry to Ambassador] I am coming on, / To venge me as I may
1H6 III.iv.42 [Basset to Vernon] I'll ... crave / I may have liberty to venge this wrong
3H6 II.i.87 [Richard as if to York] I'll venge thy death
Luc 1691 [Lucrece to Lords, of making a pledge] With swift pursuit to venge this wrong of mine
KL IV.ii.80 [Albany to all, of the gods] that these our nether crimes / So speedily can venge
R2 I.ii.36 [Duchess of Gloucester to John of Gaunt] The best way is to venge my Gloucester's death
RJ III.v.86 [Juliet to Lady Capulet] Would none but I might venge my cousin's death!