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vent (n.) 1aperture, opening
vent (n.) 2emission, discharge, seepage
vent (n.) 3airing, utterance, telling
vent (n.) 4[of a hunted animal] scent
vent (v.) 1utter, express, air, proclaim
vent (v.) 2get rid of, cast out
vent (v.) 3discharge, excrete, defecate
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2H4 I.Induction.2 [Rumour alone] which of you will stop / The vent of hearing when loud Rumour speaks?
Luc 310 [of Tarquin] each unwilling portal yields him way, / Through little vents and crannies of the place
Luc 1040 [of Lucrece's room] this no-slaughterhouse no tool imparteth / To make more vent for passage of her breath
TC V.iii.82 [Cassandra to Hector] Look how thy wounds do bleed at many vents!