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venture (n.) 1deal, enterprise, business, expedition
venture (n.) 2risky enterprise, hazardous attempt
venture (n.) 3cargo, consignment, goods
venture (n.) 4prostitute
venture, at a  without proper thought, recklessly
venture, venter (v.)  run a risk, take a chance, dare to act
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2H4 II.iv.62 [Doll to Hostess, of Falstaff] There's a whole merchant's venture of Bordeaux stuff in him
JC IV.iii.222 [Brutus to Cassius] we must take the current when it serves, / Or lose our ventures
MV I.i.15 [Solanio to Antonio] had I such venture forth
MV I.i.42 [Antonio to Salerio] My ventures are not in one bottom trusted