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venture (n.) 1deal, enterprise, business, expedition
venture (n.) 2risky enterprise, hazardous attempt
venture (n.) 3cargo, consignment, goods
venture (n.) 4prostitute
venture, at a  without proper thought, recklessly
venture, venter (v.)  run a risk, take a chance, dare to act
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2H4 Epilogue.11 [Epilogue, of the play] I meant indeed to pay you with this, which, if like an ill venture it come unluckily home, I break
MV I.iii.20 [Shylock to Bassanio, of Antonio] he hath ... other ventures he hath squandered abroad [or: risky enterprise]
MV I.iii.88 [Antonio to Shylock, of Jacob's strategy with the sheep] This was a venture, sir, that Jacob served for