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verily (adj.)  true, certain, right
verily (adv.)  in truth, truly, indeed
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AYL IV.iii.26 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Silvius, of Phebe] I verily did think / That her old gloves were on
Cor I.iii.93 [Valeria to Virgilia] Verily I do not jest with you
H8 II.iii.18 [Anne to Old Lady] Verily, / I swear, 'tis better to be lowly born
TG IV.iv.14 [Launce alone, of his dog's transgression] I think verily he had been hanged for't
TNK V.iv.33 [Palamon to Second Knight, responding to 'Is it a maid?'] Verily I think so
WT I.i.11 [Archidamus to Camillo] Verily, I speak it in the freedom of my knowledge
WT I.ii.46 [Polixenes to Hermione, of staying longer] I may not, verily
WT V.iii.65 [Leontes to Polixenes, of Hermione's statue] those veins / Did verily bear blood