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verity (n.) 1truth, truthfulness, veracity
verity (n.) 2truth, reality, actuality
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AW IV.iii.61 [First Lord to Second Lord, of Bertram hearing the news of Helena's supposed death] to the full arming of the verity
AYL III.iv.22 [Celia to Rosalind, of Orlando] for his verity in love I do think him as concave as a covered goblet
Cor V.ii.18 [Menenius to First Watch] all the size that verity / Would without lapsing suffer
Ham V.ii.115 [Hamlet to Osrick] in the verity of extolment
H8 I.ii.159 [Surveyor to King Henry, of Buckingham] he doubted / 'Twould prove the verity of certain words / Spoke by a holy monk
Mac IV.iii.92 [Malcolm to Macduff] justice, verity ... / I have no relish of them
TNK III.v.104 [Schoolmaster to Theseus] to say verity, and not to fable