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very (adj.) 1[intensifying] thorough-going, absolute
very (adj.) 2true, real, genuine
very (adj.) 3mere, alone
very (adj.) 4proper, correct, appropriate
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AC III.x.7 [Scarus to Enobarbus] The greater cantle of the world is lost / With very ignorance
Cym V.iii.77 [Posthumus alone, of death] I will ... yield me to the veriest hind that shall / Once touch my shoulder
Cym V.iv.202 [First Gaoler alone] there are verier knaves desire to live
1H4 II.ii.23 [Falstaff as if alone] I am the veriest varlet that ever chewed with a tooth
1H4 IV.i.50 [Hotspur to all, of using all their forces at once] therein should we read / The very bottom and the soul of hope, / The very list, the very utmost bound / Of all our fortunes
2H4 III.ii.217 [Bullcalf to Bardolph] In very truth, sir, I had as lief be hanged
3H6 II.v.131 [Queen to King, of Edward and Richard] With fiery eyes sparkling for very wrath
MV III.ii.223 [Bassanio to Portia] By your leave, / I bid my very friends and countrymen ... welcome
Oth IV.ii.73 [Othello to Desdemona] I should make very forges of my cheeks
TC I.ii.15 [Alexander to Cressida, of Ajax] They say he is a very man per se, / And stands alone [i.e. a man all to himself - unique]
TN I.iii.22 [Maria to Sir Toby, of Sir Andrew] He's a very fool and a prodigal
TN V.i.55 [Orsino to Viola as Cesario, of Antonio] very envy and the tongue of loss / Cried fame and honour on him
TS Induction.i.99 [First Player to Lord, of Sly] we can contain ourselves, / Were he the veriest antic in the world
TS I.i.123 [Gremio to Hortensio, of Katherina] Think'st thou ... any man is so very a fool to be married to hell?
TS V.ii.64 [Baptista to Petruchio, of Katherina] I think thou hast the veriest shrew of all
WT I.ii.66 [Hermione to Polixenes, of Leontes and Polixenes] Was not my lord / The verier wag o'th' two?