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vice (n.) 1(usually capitalized) buffoon, stage jester
vice (n.) 2grip, grasp
vice (n.) 3screw
vice (v.)  force, constrain, press hard
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Ham III.iv.99 [Hamlet to Gertrude, of Claudius] a vice of kings [i.e. like the character representing Vice in morality plays]
1H4 II.iv.441 [Prince Hal (as King) to Falstaff (as Hal), of Falstaff] that reverend Vice
2H4 III.ii.308 [Falstaff alone, of Shallow] now is this Vice's dagger become a squire
R3 III.i.82 [Richard to himself] like the formal Vice, Iniquity, / I moralize two meanings in one word
TN IV.ii.123 [Feste singing] In a trice, like to the old Vice