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victual (n.)  (usually plural) provisions, supplies, food and drink
victual (v.)  supply, furnish, provide [with food]
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Cym III.vii.13 [Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus, of disguised Innogen] it eats our victuals
E3 IV.ii.4 [King Edward to Derby, of Calais] neither victuals nor supply of men / May come to succour this accursed town
E3 IV.ii.21 [First Poor Man to Derby] The captain of the town hath thrust us forth, / That so expense of victuals may be saved
E3 IV.ii.31 [King Edward to Derby, of the poor Frenchmen] Command that victuals be appointed them
MA I.i.46 [Beatrice to Messenger, of Benedick] You had musty victual, and he hath holp to eat it