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virtue (n.) 1quality, accomplishment, ability
virtue (n.) 2essence, heart, soul
virtue (n.) 3courage, valour, bravery
virtue (n.) 4power, capability, efficacy, property
virtue (n.) 5worth, value, excellence
virtue (n.) 6goodness, benevolence, kindness
virtue (n.) 7authority, jurisdiction, power
virtue (n.) 8virtuous self, honour, excellency
virtue (n.) 9chastity, sexual purity
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AYL V.iv.100 [Touchstone to Jaques] Your 'If' is the only peace-maker; much virtue in 'If'
Cym [Queen to Cornelius, of his drugs] Their several virtues, and effects
E3 IV.v.74 [Charles to King John] I hope your highness will not so disgrace me / And dash the virtue of my seal at arms
Ham IV.v.157 [Laertes to all] Burn out the sense and virtue of mine eye
KJ V.vii.44 [Prince Henry to King John] O that there were some virtue in my tears / That might relieve you!
KL IV.iv.16 [Cordelia as if to the earth] All you unpublished virtues
LLL V.ii.348 [King to Princess] The virtue of your eye must break my oath
Mac IV.iii.156 [Malcolm to Macduff, of the English king] With this strange virtue / He hath a heavenly gift of prophecy
MV V.i.199 [Portia to Bassanio] If you had known the virtue of the ring
RJ II.iii.9 [Friar alone, of plants] Many for many virtues excellent