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virtue (n.) 1quality, accomplishment, ability
virtue (n.) 2essence, heart, soul
virtue (n.) 3courage, valour, bravery
virtue (n.) 4power, capability, efficacy, property
virtue (n.) 5worth, value, excellence
virtue (n.) 6goodness, benevolence, kindness
virtue (n.) 7authority, jurisdiction, power
virtue (n.) 8virtuous self, honour, excellency
virtue (n.) 9chastity, sexual purity
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AC IV.viii.17 [Cleopatra to Antony] O infinite virtue
Cor I.i.38 [First Citizen to all, of Martius being proud] which he is, even to the altitude of his virtue
Cor III.i.73 [Coriolanus to all, of the nobles] Who lack not virtue, no, nor power
1H4 II.iv.115 [Falstaff to all] A plague of all cowards! ... Is there no virtue extant?
2H4 I.ii.170 [Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice] Virtue is of so little regard in these costermongers' times that true valour is turned bearherd
KL V.iii.103 [Albany to Edmund] Trust to thy single virtue
TNK [Palamon to Arcite, describing his performance in the field] More by virtue; / You are modest