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visitation (n.) 1visit
visitation (n.) 2forceful onset, violence, buffeting
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H8 I.i.179 [Buckingham to Norfolk] Charles the Emperor ... here makes visitation
MM III.ii.230 [Escalus to disguised Duke, of Claudio] you have lent him visitation [i.e. granted him a visit]
R3 III.vii.106 [Richard to Buckingham, of himself] Who ... / Deferred the visitation of my friends
Tem III.i.32 [Prospero to himself, as if to Miranda] thou art infected. / This visitation shows it
Tim I.ii.220 [Timon to Lords] I take all and your several visitations / So kind to heart
WT I.i.6 [Camillo to Archidamus] the King of Sicilia means to pay Bohemia the visitation which he justly owes him