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visor (n.)  mask
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LLL V.ii.227 [masked Rosaline to masked King] so adieu - / Twice to your visor, and half once to you!
LLL V.ii.242 [masked Katharine to masked Longaville] was your visor made without a tongue?
LLL V.ii.271 [Princess to all, of the King and his friends] Will they not ... ever but in visors show their faces?
LLL V.ii.385 [Rosaline to Berowne] Which of the visors was it that you wore?
LLL V.ii.404 [Berowne to Rosaline] Nor never come in visor to my friend
MA II.i.86 [masked Don Pedro to masked Hero] My visor is Philemon's roof
MA II.i.143 [Don John to Borachio] but one visor remains
MA II.i.221 [Benedick to Don Pedro] my very visor began to assume life
Per IV.iv.44 [Gower alone] No visor does become black villainy / So well as soft and tender flattery
R3 II.ii.28 [Duchess of York to Clarence's son, of Richard] that deceit should ... with a virtuous visor hide deep vice! [F vizor; Q visard]
RJ I.iv.30 [Mercutio to Romeo] Give me ... / A visor for a visor! [i.e. a mask for an ugly face]
RJ I.v.23 [Capulet to Gentlemen] I have seen the day / That I have worn a visor