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voice (n.) 1vote, official support
voice (n.) 2support, approval, good word
voice (n.) 3authoritative opinion, judgement
voice (n.) 4talk, rumour, opinion
voice (n.) 5shout of acclamation, cry of applause
voice (v.) 1vote, elect, appoint
voice (v.) 2talk about, acclaim, praise
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H8 III.ii.405 [Cromwell to Wolsey, of Anne] the voice is now / Only about her coronation
H8 IV.ii.11 [Griffith to Katherine, of how Wolsey died] Well, the voice goes, madam
H8 V.iii.175 [King Henry to Cranmer] The common voice ... is verified / Of thee
Oth I.iii.223 [Duke to Othello] opinion ... throws a more safer voice on you
TN I.v.249 [Olivia to Viola as Cesario, of Orsino] [he is] of fresh and stainless youth, / In voices well divulged