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vulgar (adj.) 1public, general, common
vulgar (adj.) 2generally known, commonly acknowledged
vulgar (adj.) 3cheap, common to all, plebeian
vulgar (adj.) 4low-born, humble, menial
vulgar (adj.) 5familiar, ordinary, everyday
vulgar (n.) 1common people, ordinary folk
vulgar (n.) 2vernacular, everyday language
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Cor IV.vii.21 [Aufidius to Lieutenant] no less apparent / To th'vulgar eye
E3 II.i.315 [King Edward to Warwick] These are the vulgar tenders of false men
Ham I.ii.99 [Claudius to Hamlet] as common / As any the most vulgar thing to sense
1H4 III.ii.41 [King Henry to Prince Hal, of Hal's behaviour] So stale and cheap to vulgar company
1H6 III.ii.4 [Pucelle to her soldiers] Talk like the vulgar sort of market-men
Sonn 38.4 [] Thine own sweet argument, too excellent / For every vulgar paper to rehearse
TN III.i.121 [Viola as Cesario to Olivia] 'tis a vulgar proof / That very oft we pity enemies